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Dess Marketing’s team acts as a manufacturer’s agent for the following automotive part and product companies. Click on the logo of our partners to see the products distributed or scroll down the page:

Winhere – World Class Manufecturer of Brake Discs!

(click on the image to open the pdf file)

UltraHC - Premium high carbon and coated rotor

Technical sheet (1,06 Mo)

UltraHC Benefits

Technical sheet (1,09 Mo)


Technical sheet (2,49 Mo)

 Arenco – The best performing products of the industry.

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Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the field of LED lights.

Catalogue (631 Ko)

 Pico Caméléon – Adapt to your crimp!

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Caméléon - Adapt to your crimp!

PICO’s Caméléon tools adapt to your working environment. (3,2 Mo)

Caméléon Tools & Dies

Order form, number 0121.

Left Elbow Battery Terminals Kit

New product, number 0221.

Right Elbow Battery Terminals Kit

Order form, number 0321.

Flag Battery Terminals

New product, number 0421.

Replacement Adjuster

Also Available: 8-Way OEM Deutsch Crimp tool. New product, number 0521.

Other products by Pico

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Loctite – Leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments.

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Repair kit for leather, vinyl and plastic.

Technical sheet. (730 Ko)

 AVL Recherches – Repair the irreparable!

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Final Touch

AV 1890 – 475 ml   |   AV 2188 – 18,9 L

Stain Extractor

AV 1925 – 475 ml | AV 1926 – 3,78 L | AV 1927 – 18,9 L – Wholesale Accessories And More

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Phone Accessories

Purchase order (8,5 Mo)

Automotive hardware

Catalog (5,6 Mo)

Travel format

Catalog (10,2 Mo)

Eco Sanitizer Product Catalogue

Catalog (5 Mo)

Protective gear

Purchase order (3,5 Mo)

Active Tubes Face Masks

Purchase order (7,1 Mo)


Purchase order (3,8 Mo)

Glasses and magnifiers

Purchase order (2,8 Mo)

Deodorants and accessories for smokers

Catalog (8,2 Mo)

Pur & Simple

Purchase order (13,1 Mo)

Pharma C

Purchase order (4,8 Mo)

Tin signs

Catalog (4 Mo)

Faradworld – Boxes And Roof Bars

(The available products will be posted shortly)

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